Talent recruitment


  • Construction worker (rich experience in construction management)

    薪资:面议    人数:3名    经验:3-5年    Work place:杭州    学历: College degree or above

    Job responsibilities:

     1. Work under the leadership of the project manager, implement the policy of safety first and prevention first, do a good job of safety precautions according to the regulations, put the safety work into practice, so that the efficiency must be safe, and the production must first grasp safety。 

     2, carefully familiar with the construction drawings, the preparation of various construction organization design plans and construction safety, quality, technical plans, the preparation of each individual project schedule and manpower, material plans and machinery, appliances, equipment plans。

     3. Prepare and organize staff to meet and study on schedule, rationally arrange and scientifically guide, and successfully complete various construction tasks of the project。

     4. Prepare the civilized site implementation plan, and arrange, implement and create the civilized site plan according to the reasonable layout of the construction site of the project。

     5. Prepare the overall project schedule and monthly schedule schedule as well as the monthly schedule schedule of each construction team。

     6. Urge the construction materials and equipment to enter the site on time and be in a qualified state to ensure the smooth progress of the project。

     7. Organize the acceptance of hidden projects and participate in the quality assessment of sub-projects。 

     Job Requirements:

     1, 26-45 years old, college degree or above, major in civil engineering, civil engineering and other related majors;

     2, more than 3 years of urban viaduct or underpass construction related work experience。

     3. Extroverted, able to actively cooperate with relevant units。

  • Technical standards and program preparation personnel

    薪资:面议    人数:1名    经验:3年    Work place: Huzhou Deqing    学历: College degree or above

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Be able to prepare technical standard, hoisting plan, can read drawing, CAD, can prepare schedule plan
    2. Will be simple mechanical calculations, etc。
    Job Requirements:
    1.At least 3 years experience in municipal bridge construction or steel structure bridge construction
    2.Major requirements: College degree or above in civil engineering。

  • Shop manager

    薪资:面议    人数:2名    经验:不限    Work place: Huzhou Deqing    学历: College degree or above
    Job responsibilities:
    1.Daily work management of steel structure workshop;
    2.Overall organization of production, workshop layout and planning;
    3.Production process, process flow, quality supervision。
    Job Requirements:
    1. Major in engineering or mechanical engineering
    2. I have team spirit and love my job

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