Talent recruitment



    薪资:2k    人数:10名    经验: 2019 graduates    Work place:杭州    学历: College degree or above

    Job responsibilities: 

     1. Assisted the project department in daily construction management;

     2. Assist in the organization and supervision of the construction site, coordinate the overall quality, progress, safety, cost, technology and other aspects of the project, and check whether the completed various projects meet the design and contract requirements;

     3. Assist in coordination with the government and other functional departments;

     4. Assist in completing tasks or other work arranged by the group company。

     Job Requirements:

     1. Fresh graduates or interns of engineering management related majors,

     2, hard-working, adaptability and acceptance of strong, skilled in AuToCAD or Tianzheng CAD, general office software

     3, food and housing, internship can be prefered to transfer to the regular employment。

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